Project oriented cooperation between Global Partners Bayern e.V. and Istanbul

Information about the user group:


President: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wüst
Office: Dipl.-Ing. Hedwig M. Vielreicher 

Members of Global Partners Bayern e.V. including the following companies: aeteba GmbH, Architekten Breitenbücher Hirschbeck, effisolution GmbH, ia GmbH, Open Europe Consulting, Regionet Europe EWIV/EEIG, SSF Ingenieure AG, Wüco GmbH

as well as

Representatives of the City of Istanbul, Esenyurt University, Işik University, and interested companies in Istanbul: Kahin Event Management and Consultancy, Mubadala GE Capital, R&S Uluslararasi, Samsun Avdan

Aims and Mission

In November 2012 a delegation of Global Partners Bayern members visited Istanbul.
Together with representatives of the City of Istanbul, various Universities and companies we discussed the possibilities to cooperate in the areas of infrastructure, environment, waste management, energy, energy efficiency, health and education.
The meeting resulted in promising entrepreneurial options for cooperation for all participants.

The group aims at realizing the following projects:

  1. Development, construction and operation of a touristic village including the aspects local skilled crafts and trades (e.g. textile industry), energy and energy efficiency of buildings, material flow management/waste management/water and waste water management, health/medical care/telemedicine, organic food production, logistics and food cooling, traditional Turkish cuisine, culture, education, marketing, tourism, and local fund raising
  2. Cooperation with Esenyurt University in the areas of health/clinical supply /mobility of jobs in medical care, energy and energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy/solar cooling, material flow management, knowledge management
  3. Waste and environment

Interested companies are asked to contact Hedwig Vielreicher, Global Partners Bayern e.V.




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