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Universität Hohenheim

DE - 70593 Stuttgart

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Main focus:Focus of scientific work:
-Entrepreneurial Sustainability Management on the base of the
triple-bottom line under consideration of different stakeholders
- Application of technological innovations in favour of
Sustainability Management
- Sustainable economizing as possible response to global
economic, political, and social problems of the 21st century

Current activity:Current activity:
- Sustainable Development Consultant
(clients: private enterprises; academic institutes; organizors of
international Sustainability conferences)
- Author and co-editor for books und articles in Sustainability and
Environmental Management
- Speaker and co-chair at international Sustainability
conferences, e.g. ISC, Switzerland; EVS24 Stavanger, Norway;
ISM09, Chicago, USA; CONVEEESH09, Indonesia.

Some links:
www.shaker.de/katalog/katr_033.htm - 96k
https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no54029.htm - 7k -
annals.fih.upt.ro/tome6-fascicule3.html - 79k

Former activity:Previous activities:

Former activities include:
- Project manager and Account-Manager in
large international enterprises of the car component - and
electrical equipment industry, e.g. in the departments global
container Management, Supply-Chain Management and Key-
Account Management (e.g. French, Spanish, and Japanese
- Convenor of the International Organizing Committee for
Gloss2008 (First Global Summit on Sustainable Development
and Biodiversity), Raipur, India

Education:Education: Education includes:
- SIMT (MBA exchange program with EM-Lyon 2002)
International Management studies with focus on Technology-
and Innovation Management

2003 MBA

- University of Hohenheim, Baden-Württemberg:
Studies of economic sciences with focus on Sustainability and
Environmental Management at the University of Hohenheim:

2005 Doctoral degree and publication of doctoral thesis:

"Die Integration des Nachhaltigkeitsgedankens in
die Unternehmenskultur und dessen Umsetzung in
die betriebliche Praxis - Eine Studie zur
ökologischen und sozialen Verantwortung von
Privatunternehmen" (Shaker-Verlag, Aachen 2005)
„The integration of the Sustainability concept in the company
culture and its implementation into the company practice – a
study regarding the ecological and social responsibility of
private enterprises” (Shaker-editing house, Aachen 2005)

Law school (civil law, public law, penal law, economic
criminology, Organized Crime); thesis about International
Organized crime

www.shaker.de/katalog/katr_033.htm - 96k

Memberships:Universitätsbund Hohenheim
Alumni Hohenheim
SIMT-Alumni (Vice-President 2003-2004)
Tennis-Club Rot-Weiß
Fitness-Club "Fit for fun"

International relations:Internationale Relations:
RBF, Energy Platform EU
Worldstreets, Frankreich (Paris)
AVERE Frankreich
AVERE Portugal
EDTA, USA (Washington)
World Pure Water, Inc. [WPW]
IK-Foundation, Indien
University of Housing, Building and Planning, University of Science Malysia (USM)

Personal activities (family, hobbies, travelling):Hobbies: Fitness, Jogging, Swimming (preferably in lakes and in the sea), Scuba Diving, Tennis, Hang-gliding, Yoga, Martial Arts, Literature, theatre, piano (concert exam at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Leipzig" 1995, CD production with FSM 1995: Ravel "Gaspard de la Nuit", Stravinsky "Trois mouvements de Petrouchka", Bartok Sonata and a sonata of E.T.A. Hoffmann; recitals in Germany and foreign countries)

Favourite sayings:

"Nil Desperandum"
"Errare humanum est, in errore perseverare stultum." (Hieronymus, Ep.57,12)
"Homo doctus in se semper divitias habet." (Phaedrus)

Favourite literature:

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: "Der bedrohte Friede - heute" (1994)
Adolf Muschg: "Sutters Glück"
Carolyn M. Warner: "The best system money can buy"
Jimmy Breslin: "The Good Rat"
Jean-Paul Sartre: "Huis clos"
Madame d' Aulnoy: "L'Oiseau Bleu"

Favourite Films (among others):
"A stolen face" (1952)
"North by Northwest"(1959)
"Murder Ahoy" (1964)
"Le Coup du parapluie" (1980)
"Delicatessen" (1991)
"The Pelican Brief" (1993)
"Enemy of the State" (1998)
"Australia" (2008)
"State of Play" (2009)

Personal distinguishing mark: absolute pitch

Articles: Die Auswirkung der Verwendung von Umweltmanagementsystemen auf die Umweltleistung von Unternehmen der Privatwirtschaft (2/2006)

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