EC Law and Biodiversity
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (6/2007)
The term biodiversity itself was not coined until the 1980s, when it was popularised by the eminent Harvard biologist Wilson. Biodiversity entails at the macro level ecosystemic diversity (ecosystems and landscapes), specific diversity (the species of plants, animals and micro-organisms that surround us) and at the micro level it includes genetic diversity.

Discussions on Directive 2004/35 Concerning Environmental Liability
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (8/2005)
Directive 2004/35 on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage which will have to be transposed into national law by April 2007, constitutes the provisional end to some thirty years of discussions on liability at EC level.

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