waste plastics for art
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (9/2006)
SUMMARY: The problem of scattered waste plastics and other waste materials has been a concern for many Artists and Environmentalists for quite a long time. The indiscriminate disposal of waste is more harmful and can cause hazards to human life. It is therefore extremely important to find solution to the problem of scattering waste materials and make the environment safe, healthy and friendly.

Integrated sustainable decentralised bio-waste utilisation approach in Thailand
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SUMMARY: Thailand is currently producing around 14.4 million Mg municipal solid waste per year. But management of it is a huge task, which depends upon successful programs for recycling and reuse; providing safe and effective waste collection and disposal; availability of sustainable financing and effective contribution from policy makers, the public and civil society.

Comparing solid waste collection systems between a developing country and a developed country with specific consideration of public participation. A Thailand - German case study
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (9/2006)
SUMMARY: This paper will show the importance of participation in the field of solid waste collection.

Factors constraining and promoting the implementation of small-scale composting in West African Countries
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (9/2006)
SUMMARY: The possibility of converting urban wastes or a substantial portion of the latter into organic manures is an adequate way of closing the nutrient cycle by means of natural methods. The extremely high population growth rates registered in West African cities have contributed towards widening of the gap between the production and consumption of food. The increase in urban food demand leads to intensive food production systems in and around cities requiring large amount of inputs, including plant nutrients.

MBT in EU Strategies for the Management of Biowaste and Residual Waste: Trends, Experiences and Regulatory Aspects
© Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stoffspezifische Abfallbehandlung ASA e.V. (2/2006)
Abstract Enforcement of the Landfill Directive 99/31/EC poses new challenges and asks for innovation in waste management strategies with particular reference to the need to "treat" waste before landfilling and to the fulfilment of targets for diversion of biodegradable waste

Influence of Plastic Deformation on Line Pipe Material
© Vulkan-Verlag GmbH (12/2004)
During pipe laying, line pipes may be subject to plastic deformation.

Clean wastewater for breweries
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (8/2004)
Water and Wastewater in Russia - The technology for biological wastewater treatment in breweries meets wastewater standards and official requirements. Enviro-Chemie specialists develop a customized, ecologically and economically sound solution for each client. 

The Case-Law of the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance on State Aids in 2003/2004
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (5/2004)
The article gives a detailed overview of the case law on State aid during the period from May 2003 until early March 2004. Important quotations from older case-law are retained and, where necessary, updated, to ensure that significance and scope of new case law is well illustrated in the context of the current legal situation as adjudged by the Community Courts.

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