Most effective use of a cable anode on insuf.ciently coated pipelines
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High pressure buried gas pipes, are prone to damage by corrosion.

From the Geographical Information System to computer- assisted rehabilitation planning for water-supply systems
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The Department of Domestic Water Management of the Technical University of Erfurt, Faculty of Engineering, participated, on the basis of cooperation agreements existing since 1994 with Thüwa Thüringen Wasser GmbH (formerly Erfurt Municipal Services), in solving the problem of rehabilitation of Erfurt's water piping system.

Cement-mortar linings for ferrous-material pipes Part 1: Physical and corrosion-chemical aspects
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For more than 100 years cement mortar has been used as internal corrosion protection for water pipes of steel and ductile iron.

Long-term experience with DENSOLEN tape 
© Vulkan-Verlag GmbH (7/2004)
Technical properties in accordance with relevant material standards and long term performance are the most important properties of corrosion protective coating materials.

Observations on the resonance of buried pipelines with commercially-used frequencies 
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Pipelines, the routes of which are located in the influence zone of high-voltage three-phase and/or AC rail-traction systems may be subject to AC influence.

Anti-corrosion protection of the AC-exposed “Isar line” against the background of changing times and technology: 1976 – 2004
© Vulkan-Verlag GmbH (7/2004)
Using the example of the "Isar line", the following article provides an approximate summary of the provisions implemented for avoidance of corrosion in buried steel pipes and valves.

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