Leakage control of Biogas plants

Anaerobic digestion has become a very important technology to treat organic waste and to generate renewable energy. During construction and operation leaks at biogas plants may occur and methane is emitted.

Further Authors:
S. Neitzel - Systemtechnik Weser-Ems
S. Kohne - esders Ltd

This is undesired because methane is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. Additionally leakages may be a significant safety issue. Finally methane emissions decrease the economic efficiency of the plant as the emitted methane cannot be used as renewable energy. In the context of the Industrial Emission Directive, emissions from anaerobic digestion (AD) plants are re-evaluated and leakages may be of importance. Different strategies for leakage detection were evaluated on their efficiency. A combined strategy using a methane sensitive camera combined with gas analysis instruments seems to be the best approach to detect leakages. The advantages of the camera are the documentation of leakages even at remote spots of the plant. Based on the experience of leakage detections on more than 600 AD plants, an evaluation tool was developed that takes safety, environment and economy into account.

Copyright: © European Compost Network ECN e.V.
Source: Orbit 2012 (Juni 2012)
Pages: 8
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Autor: Dr. Joachim Clemens
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Schreier

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