Challenges for an accurate characterization of waste

Currently, Brazil is generating an amount of 80 million tons per year of municipal solid waste, from which 42% are still deposited on illegal dumps and 58% on sanitary landfills.

The characterization of municipal solid waste is an important tool for the development of technological concepts of treatment plants, allowing to select the best technologies and adapt them to the existing material flow from the gravimetric, granulometric and analytic analysis. Hence, this enables not only to size the equipment correctly but also to choose the best techniques according to their employability potential in the operational flow and responsiveness of the consumer market of secondary resources.There exists a significant lack of technical knowledge about processes and Technologies in the majority of city administrations, so that most cities are not capable of elaborating waste characterizations nor waste management plans or at least evaluate the potentials for waste treatment facilities other than landfilling. In order to gain precise data on quantities and qualities on the one hand and potentials and sustainable measures on the other hand, it is fundamental to introduce waste characterization activities to Brazilian municipalities.

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Source: Waste to Resources 2017 (Mai 2017)
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