IBI Bateke Carbon Sink Plantation: An African Forestry Pilot Case

A forestry project in West Africa with a strong social and development component is perhaps the best example of what the Clean Development Mechanism was supposed to be about. Achieving it is not easy: many elements need to be brought together to produce a project that performs socially, developmentally and environmentally.

This article describes the elements of the IBI Bateke project, a savannah based agro-forestry project in The Democratic Republic of Congo (the Project). It considers the workings of the Project, at an operational and financial level. It sets out the expected benefits from a social and environmental perspective. It also considers the challenges of contracting for sale of carbon credits.

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Source: Issue 4/2010 (Dezember 2010)
Pages: 6
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Autor: Olivier Mushiete
Amy Merrill

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